In 2018, I realized something: There is a lack of definitive streetwear brands in the car scene.  With a love for car culture, as well as an admiration for skateboarding style, I got to work. Right from the start, ENEMY has always been about creating high quality, uniquely designed fashion with an underground automotive lifestyle aesthetic. 

There are a lot of values that people in the car and skate community share in common. Things like creativity, uniqueness, expression, rebellion, and passion for their craft. I always thought it was funny that these communities, just wanting to create and have fun, could have such an antagonistic reputation.  

That is where the ENEMY name stems from.  It is there to tease this notion that, because of our interests and lifestyle, we are somehow opposed to the good in the world today.

We will never please everybody because we are all an enemy to someone. So own it. Wear it.

- Chris Manjuris, Founder

how it's made
High Quality - Ethically Produced

‏‏All ENEMY garments are produced using WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) certified manufacturers. WRAP is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.  

Garments are hand-printed/embroidered here locally in Toronto, Canada. Each piece is personally inspected and packaged in house before being sent to your door.  Quality over cost has always been a part of the ENEMY message. 

ENEMY values the relationships it creates with its customers and its manufacturers, and aims to provide you with the highest quality apparel and customer experience imaginable.

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