New Arrival
CHAMPS Car Hoodie

This Car Hoodie embodies the sprit of racing, cars, and car clothing.  For this Car Hoodie we switch it up from our usual street racing and JDM inspiration, and head for the checkered flag with this pro-racing design. In the famous words of Ricky Bobby, "If you ain't first, you're last". Add this hoodie to your ENEMY collection today!

Car Clothing

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ENEMY Essentials

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Winter Essentials
ENEMY Racing Crewneck
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Switchblade Tee
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Tokyo Daydreams ls Tee

A Vaporwave aesthetic & JDM culture inspired long sleeve tee.  The Nissan Silvia S13 featured in this piece is an iconic JDM classic tuner.  It may be an endless drive to nowhere, but who cares when the world around you is nothing but a daydream. Enjoy the ride, and of course, enjoy your Tokyo Daydreams Long Sleeve Tee. Add this shirt to your JDM clothing collection today.


Tons of accessories like hats, phone cases, and socks to add to your ENEMY collection now!

ENEMY International Hoodie

The ENEMY International Hoodie is one of the first ENEMY pieces ever produced. Designed and printed in Toronto, Canada, this hoodie has the quality to last you a lifetime.  This hoodie comes featured with a unique "bone" coloured dye.

Full Platinum Sweatsuit

Grab yourself the ultra heavyweight Platinum Hoodie, Platinum Sweatpants, or both!