Cars and Clothes: The Link

Cars and Clothes: The Link - Apparel By Enemy

In 2019, I launched ENEMY for one main reason: To link the worlds of high-end streetwear and car culture together.  

Building a car is all about making something unique to you - creating something that is an extension of one's self.  Every build is different, and it's what makes the car community so exciting.  With a passion for cars, as well as skateboarding, I got to work creating an aesthetic that fit those cultures and matched our underlying brand message: We are all an enemy to someone. So own it. Wear it. 

I grew up on movies like The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, and games Like Need For Speed: Underground and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.  This is what shaped my passions, and is what inspired the aesthetic that the ENEMY brand carries today - Night drives, parking lot car meets, hours in the garage, races down tight city streets. 

In my opinion, there are a lack of brands that capture the true values found within car culture such as rebellion, creativity and exclusivity. With ENEMY, we embrace those values and own the fact that we will never please everyone, since we will always be "an enemy to someone".

ENEMY takes heavy inspiration from JDM culture, as can be seen in our Tokyo Daydreams L/S Tees for example.  Expect to see more pieces like this on this site in the future! Keep an eye out for some car products coming soon such as vinyl stickers, slap stickers, jet tags and more.

I'm committed to sharing our ever-growing product lineup with you, and to create more fashion and car pieces that will truly represent who you are.  

The link between cars and clothes is this: ENEMY. The brand that captures the aesthetics of car culture and transforms them into high-quality wearable fashion pieces.

If you're reading this and this is your first time on the site; Welcome!

Join the ENEMY World today.

We're happy you're here,

Chris Manjuris, ENEMY Founder




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